20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!


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Resource guides on animals are a community favorite around here, and what a good time to do on Chicks and Bunnies! This is perfect for your animal lovers and for adding some extra education into your Easter weekend.

20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

My Speech and Debate Coach is excited to launch our very own virtual debate teams for homeschoolers! Speech and Debate is one of the most beneficial extracurricular activities, but isn’t widely available. Our goal is to give every learner the opportunity to grow their confidence and communication skills regardless of where they live. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced teams launching this Spring, taught by national champions. Click here to get a free debate lesson!

20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

Free Printable Journal Pages - Journaling, the age-old practice of pouring your thoughts onto paper, offers a moment of peace and serves as a valuable tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Our journal pages are an excellent resource to have your child log their days, share thoughts, document what they learned, and so much more! Free download!

20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

Live Class Reading Diagnostic for Grades 4-8 - Are you ready to discover the strengths and opportunities in your child's reading abilities? This 35-minute Live Class Reading Diagnostic is designed to illuminate the path to academic success and confidence in reading. You'll also receive a detailed, personalized PDF report highlighting specific skills your child excels in and areas that might need a little extra attention. $30 Limited time offer then, it goes back up to $100.

20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

Love of Learning Homeschool Classes - Specially crafted for curious learners in grades 3-6, Love of Learning blends online and offline learning through engaging and affordable ELA, writing, science, history, and trivia lessons and activities for secular homeschooling families. Start your 7-day free trial today. No credit card required!  

20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

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20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

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20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources

  1. Bunnies & Chicks Research Printables
  2. Rabbit Life Cycle Biomimicry Design Activities $3.85)
  3. Printable Easter Placemats
  4. Printable Egg Pattern Activity
  5. Easter Worksheets
  6. Easter Bunny Story Sequencing Activity ($2)
  7. Easter Bunny and Chick Puppets Template ($1.50)
  8. Chicks and Bunnies Number Match Up ($2)
  9. Do-a-Dot Marker Easter Activity ($2.50)
  10. Easter Color by Number Printable
  11. Easter Coloring Pages
  12. Easter Activity Bundle ($8.99)
  13. Kindergarten Easter Art: Coloring Bunnies and Chicks ($3)
  14. Easter Group Graphing Math Activity ($2)
  15. Easter Bingo: 50 Unique Cards ($3.25)
  16. Bunny Hop Number Line Game
  17. Easter I Spy Printable Game
  18. Easter Scissor Skills
  19. Easter Science: Borax Crystal Eggs
  20. Easter Egg Rockets

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20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

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20 Chicks & Bunnies Resources For Easter Learning!

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