Guest Article Submissions

Guest Article Submissions

Would you like to write a guest article for the Homeschool Quest digital magazine and blog? Share your article ideas with us and your experience on the topic using the form below.

Our magazine is shared with our Facebook group with over 190,000 members and our newsletter list with 30,000 subscribers. The best part? It is completely free to submit a guest article!

If we like the idea and have the space, we'll ask you to send us a short article.

Guest articles include:

  • 100-200 word mini article in the magazine with a byline with your business or blog name.
  • Up to 1000-word article on our blog with a byline and link to your business website or blog.
  • You will be listed in our contributors section in the magazine.
  • The content will remain exclusive to the Homeschool Quest.

Here are a few examples of the guest articles in the magazine. Click the cover below to flip through it:

For our next issue are looking for articles focusing on how to save money homeschooling, affordable field trips, incorporate schooling during holiday activities and tips for homeschooling during the holidays. We're also looking for a few homeschool success stories. 

We are also looking for short articles written for homeschooling parents on topics such as:

  • Homeschool tips and tricks
  • Your homeschool routine
  • Your homeschooling experiences
  • Why you decided to homeschool
  • Funny homeschooling stories
  • Encouragement for other homeschooling parents
  • Opinions and thoughts on homeschooling topics
  • Your homeschooling success stories and accomplishments
  • Your homeschooling advice

What We Don't Want

  • Educational articles targeted to children. Our magazine is targeted to homeschooling parents.
  • Promotional articles about products, curriculum, or classes. 
  • Curriculum round ups.
  • Opinions or reviews of curriculum.

We are looking for exclusive content for the magazine, so please send us ideas, not articles that have been published elsewhere. Once we send you an acceptance email, you can start writing the article.

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Article Submission Form

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