Dig Into Archaeology With Homeschool Resources & Printables

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Free & Affordable Homeschool Resources

Dig into archaeology with our latest resource guide! These free and affordable printables and resources perfect for your little history loving kids. Weather you are doing a dive into history, or just looking to add something fun to the learning, this guide has it all.

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4th Grade Ultimate Full Year Curriculum - Everything you need for a fun and successful 4th Grade school year! Curriculum with engaging video lessons, personalized feedback from teachers, printable worksheets, online games and activities.

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Core Subject Word Sleuth Bundle - Word Sleuth Bundle. These word sleuths will provide your students/children with a fun journey in the world of Science, Math, Social Studies/History, ELA, and Seasonal/Holiday with key vocabulary words. They can be completed in class, centers, or as a fun homework assignment. The word sleuths are in PPTX format along with an answer key for all 5 word sleuths. $8

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A Subscription Box That Teaches Character Development! It's almost here! A monthly subscription box with everything you need to teach character development in your homeschool. Sign up today to be the first to know about our Tiny Values Subscription Boxes launching soon! For $24.99 per month you'll have everything you need to teach values like confidence, kindness, anger management, empathy, resilience, and more! Limited numbers will be available.

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Amish Knot Rug Handicraft Kit: Upcycle your tshirts! Take handicrafts to a whole new level with our Amish Knot Rug Handicraft Kit—transforming cherished T-shirts into cozy rugs. This kit will engage your children in the art of upcycling, making Earth Day a daily celebration. Join us for creative sustainability and learning a skill they can use far into the future. Subscription options start at $19.99

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Our Wonder-FULL body: A holistic health curriculum for children: Let’s jump right in into a journey of discovery, learning and fun. This curriculum guides the learners through different activities, games, art projects, writing exercises and involved discussions about our WONDER-Full body. There are ten lesson plans covering five topics, which are cycled through twice. $13.99

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Your Full Support Homeschool Partner. Keep it Simple! For just $12 a month, we help parents like you navigate every area of homeschooling from community, courses and curriculum, to record keeping and transcripts, educational guidance and planning, and live, personal support to keep homeschooling simple. Join now for your live consultation.

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Archaeology Resources

  1. Interactive Paleolithic vs. Neolithic Worksheet
  2. What does an Archaeologist Do?
  3. Africa Archaeological Dig Activity ($4)
  4. Hands-on history DIY Yard Archeological Dig
  5. 20 Fun Facts About Ancient Civilizations For High Schoolers
  6. DIY Archaeological Excavation Activity for Kids
  7. Archaeology puzzle Activity Bundle ($2.75)
  8. Ask the Archaeologist - Free Q&A Form With A Real Archaeologist
  9. Jamestown Archaeological Dig Activity ($3)
  10. Archaeologist VS Paleontologist A Guide Of The Differences
  11. Archaeology Word Search Activity ($1.25)
  12. Underwater Archaeology: A High School Resource
  13. Archeology Lapbook & Hands On Activity Page
  14. Roman Empire Archaeological Simulation Pack ($6)
  15. DIY Mummification with Apple Mummies Craft + Printable
  16. Explore History With Food & Bake Viking Flatbread
  17. Archaeology Early Humans Tools Stem Activities ($3.50)
  18. Build a Layers of Soil Model With Legos
  19. Archaeology in the Renaissance Era: A High School Resource
  20. Archaeology - 30 Task Cards w/ printable answers ($1.60)
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