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September Monthly Update

Free & Affordable Homeschool Resources

With homeschooling you have the opportunity to add in your kids interests, enabling them to discover their passions while learning at the same time.

September Monthly Update

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September Monthly Update

Bee Amazing Number Maze + Random Acts of Kindness Journal. This amazing learning and kindness activity was specially created to boost brain activity, stimulate reasoning skills, and sharpen memory with the number mazes while offering a second layer of learning about kindness with an engaging journal to track warm-heartedness. Buy now for only $9

September Monthly Update

Novel Study Kit $25 This teacher-crafted novel kit is designed to enrich and build multiple reading skills including:  fluency, vocabulary, plot development, character analysis, and more. This kit include a novel, chapter or picture book, engaging chapter-by-chapter reading plan & activities, vocab list, family discussion cards, an invitation to 2 virtual instructional check-ins, and an end of novel project.

September Monthly Update

Kids of all ages love these reading adventures! Fun and affordable historical unit studies include the print book (shipped free), plus instant downloads for the audio book, E-study guide, and full-color E-lapbook. Six different try-it-out bundles. Four different reading levels.

September Monthly Update

FREE Self Care for Homeschool Parents Journal - Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, burned out? Learn how to truly take care of yourself so you can take care of your homeschool.

September Monthly Update

Read the latest issue of The Homeschool Quest mobile magazine! It's filled with articles, links to free and affordable printables and other helpful resources you can use on the go.

Forest Animal Resources

Expand your homeschool out into nature with these super fun free and affordable homeschool resources on forest animals.


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September Monthly Update

Looking for a read-aloud adventure the whole family can enjoy?

Announcing Demolishing the Stronghold, Book 6 of the Towers of Light Series!

Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan finally reach Blooming Glen to light the Tower of Light.

They must demolish the enemy's stronghold there before the Calamitous Drake covers their land in eternal darkness!

Pre-order on Amazon Kindle before November 4th for $3.99 regularly $4.99 you save $1.00.

Learn more at

"Allen Brokken has a talent for weaving beautiful, heart-wrenching themes of family and friendship into a world full of peril and uncertainty. I was instantly captivated by this beautiful adventure. Young readers will especially love the sibling trio at the heart of this tale as they struggle to hold fast against the Darkness and strain to keep their family together against all the foes bent on their destruction. The final installment, Demolishing the Stronghold, did not disappoint. It was filled with suspense and a thrilling end to the saga. This epic adventure would be fantastic as a family read-aloud. Reminiscent of The Spirit Flyer series and The Wingfeather Saga, this up-and-coming series is a fun time for all ages."

– Jenelle Leanne Schmidt Award Winning Author of An Echo of the Fae


September Monthly Update

Check out these amazing homeschool resources!

Free Impromptu Speaking Lesson. This free mini lesson will prepare your kids to answer questions using full sentences and a circle speech structure. Green Communications  also provides 52 prompts, so they can practice this skill regularly at home using fun questions!

FunCation Community MembershipDo You Need FLEXIBLE & AFFORDABLE Tutoring Help?Monthly Parent Homeschooling Support Class, Monthly Parent Virtual Campus Social Cafe`, Monthly Virtual Campus Student Event, and Unlimited Access to Study Hall. Get started for just $1.99. Only $8.99 / month after your 1st month!

Improve your child's skills in language arts across reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Night Zookeeper takes the stress out of teaching language arts by making it genuinely fun and engaging for your kids. Start your 7 day free trial!

Come journey through the lush forests of Madagascar, learning about variables --- a foundational skill in programming --- along the way! Programming Unplugged: Variables is the first workbook in a series designed to teach children how to code, all without a screen. This entirely unique approach to coding focuses on truly, deeply understanding the logic of computers by allowing your child to think through the concepts while learning about art, history, culture, and nature. In this unit-study format book, your child will learn about variables, their types, and how they're created by creating origami, doing artwork learning a Malagasy sport, and more! This is a FREE SAMPLE of the first half of the book. Enjoy!

Skills Checklist 1st-5th grade - Take the stress out of curriculum planning with these FREE checklists for 1st-5th grade including Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, & Social Studies!

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