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Explore The Animal Kingdom

My Guide to Dragons is a creative writing workbook where your child can create their own magical creatures, designing what they look like, where they live, what they eat, their strengths and weaknesses, all in ways that foster creativity and silliness and encourage writing.

It this workbook your student will be the world's leading expert in dragons, and this journal is where all their most important research can be recorded.

Creative exercises include:

  • Create dragon information sheets with information and pictures.
  • Draw a map of the Dragon Lands
  • Record entries from writing prompts in the Dragon Exploration Journal
  • Write a dragon poem

Creative Booster ideas are included in the back for if your student gets stuck.

Recommended for ages 8 to....however old dragon lovers grow to be!

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Encourage Your Kids To Read More!

Explore The Animal Kingdom

This ultimate reading journal bundle will help your readers to write good book reports, practice their handwriting skills, and increase their reading comprehension. We have designed over 100 fun and engaging activities to get your kids excited about more books. They will want to read more books just to fill out this super fun reading journal! 

We included worksheets for ages 8-16 (Elementary to High School), so you can customize each kid's reading journal based on their skill, interest, and attention span. The best part is because we are providing you with a PDF, you can pick and choose your favorite worksheets and print them as many times as you want.

This bundle includes a PDF with over 100 worksheets to create avid readers.

  • Reading Goals Worksheets
  • Reading Wishlist Worksheets
  • Book Series Worksheets
  • Reading Challenge Worksheets
  • Reading Bingo Worksheets
  • Book Report Worksheets
  • Reading Trackers
  • Reading Journal covers

Click here to buy the Super Duper Reading Journal for just $10

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