Homeschool Advent Calendar: 24 Christmas Crafts & Printables


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Picture this, its too cold outside for your kids to play, you need them to be entertained while learning but need to save with all the holidays coming up, what do you do? Well, we are glad you asked, you use these awesome free & affordable homeschool resources and printables!

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Homeschool Advent Calendar: 24 Christmas Crafts & Printables

This 5-day challenge perfect is for the whole family! Your students will learn about writing an outline, write a mini Christmas story, read classic Christmas stories, and have a story reading party with fun snacks and activities! Ages 8+, Free.

Homeschool Advent Calendar: 24 Christmas Crafts & Printables

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24 Christmas Crafts & Printables

To celebrate Christmas, we have put together an free & affordable printable advent calendar of sorts, but homeschool style! These 24 crafts and card activities are perfect for all that holiday learning!

Instant Download: Free Homeschool Advent Calendar!

  1. Salt Dough Christmas Trees Ornaments
  2. Christmas Card Coloring Printables
  3. Christmas Around the World Coloring Pages
  4. Christmas Around the World Worksheets
  5. Printable Coloring Christmas Gift Tags
  6. Christmas Around the World Unit Study ($19)
  7. Printable Ginger Bread House Activity
  8. Christmas Printable Playdough Mats
  9. Christmas Scrapbook Wreath Ornaments
  10. Mini Pom Pom Christmas Tree Craft
  11. Easy Printable Christmas Garland
  12. DIY Easy Snowflake Cutouts
  13. Mini Christmas Cards to Color
  14. Christmas Printable Activity & Card pack
  15. Christmas Interactive Game Printable Pack
  16. Button Christmas Tree Ornaments
  17. Easy DIY Christmas Rock Art
  18. Potted Pinecone Christmas Trees
  19. Coloring Christmas Card Printables
  20. DIY Cork and Clothespin Nutcracker Ornament
  21. DIY Christmas Escape Room
  22. DIY Candy Cane Slime
  23. Easy Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues Printables
  24. Christmas Memory Game Printable

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Homeschool Advent Calendar: 24 Christmas Crafts & Printables

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