Homeschool Myths BUSTED!

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Let’s go over some of the most common  homeschooling myths and bust them!

HOMESCHOOLING MYTH: Homeschoolers find it challenging to socialize and become socially awkward.

FACT: Contrary to popular belief, studies show homeschoolers are actually well-equipped with an array of social skills! Studies show that homeschooling is linked to with healthy social, psychological, and emotional development. Homeschoolers are often capable of developing excellent social skills that can help them succeed in life.

HOMESCHOOLING MYTH: Homeschooled students don't have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities.

FACT: Just because many homeschoolers are not in after-school type clubs, doesn't mean that they can't join the fun. Depending on your kid's hobbies, you can sign them up for dance classes, martial arts, drama classes, swimming classes, piano classes, a local book club, computer programming and more. Often, local homeschool co-ops provide programs like this too.

HOMESCHOOLING MYTH: All homeschooling families are large.

FACT: There are many small families and only child homeschool students out there. Although there are some awesome big homeschool families out there, that is in no way a requirement. 

Average size of homeschool family:

  • One child in the family – 20%
  • Two children in the family – 28%
  • Three or more children in the family – 52%

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