Homeschool Success Story: A Homeschool Graduate's Perspective

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What exactly does homeschooling success look like?

It may look like spending time as a family baking in the kitchen, planting a garden, or watching a science experiment explosion in the backyard! For me, homeschooling truly gave me a drive to strive for success in every area of my life.

I attribute my work ethic and desire to try new things to my homeschooling journey. My mother homeschooled myself and 3 other siblings through kindergarten and first grade, elementary school and some of middle school.

We went to a very small public school. I appreciated this part of my educational journey as well, however, at the age of 15 I decided I wanted to graduate early and head to college.

I asked my mom if I could homeschool to ensure I was learning exactly what and how I desired to learn, as well as finish high school in 3 years. I was so excited for this opportunity and ran with it! I took online classes and absolutely thrived!

I graduated H.S. in 3 years with top grades and was even able to attend a High school graduation ceremony put on by the homeschool group in my state. 

As a homeschool graduate, success is determined by embracing individual learning styles. Some children learn best through hands-on activities, some need visuals, others enjoying reading and/or writing.

The beauty of homeschooling is that you are able to try and test different learning styles and see what works best for each child. You can find and use a tailored curriculum to meet the needs, interests and levels of your child.

Some subjects may be ready for more advanced materials, while others may take more time to learn. Customization is and was for myself, such a wonderful tool! 

Growing up, I loved when it was time to pick a curriculum. My mom allowed us to flip through magazines, attend fairs and search the web for exactly what we wanted to do that semester.

I remember getting so excited to set up my space and get my schedule together. I would write out my daily plan for what subjects I would get accomplished that day.

Each child is different and for me I loved being able to be in control of my learning journey. My parents gave me the resources and taught me how to search out what I wanted in each curriculum and topic. 

I have always gone for my dreams and felt like I could accomplish most anything. I’ve worked hard for the things I wanted to accomplish and think outside of the box in many situations.

I attribute much of my adult success and confidence to my homeschooling journey. Homeschooling is just that- a journey, you can make adjustments along the way and learn in the style that fits you and your family best. Enjoy it! 

Guest article by Andrea Allen with Wild and Unstructured Learning LLC. 

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