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Juggling Acts: Keeping the Little Ones Entertained While Homeschooling the Older Sibling

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We know that the summer months can be busy for homeschooling families, which is why we've packed this pocket ezine with articles and tips for learning on the go. Whether you're on summer break, taking a road trip, or just enjoying some time outside, we've got you covered with free and affordable resources that will keep your homeschooling journey going strong.

In this issue, you'll find articles about how to incorporate learning into your summer activities.

  • Hitting The Road With Your Homeschoolers
  • Backyard Adventures & Treasure Hunt
  • Homeschooling In The Car
  • How To Save Money Homeschooling On The Road
  • Free National Parks Resources
  • Top Tips To Taking Homeschooling On The Road
  • Minute To Win It Games For Kids (And parents too!)
  • A Book Of Possibilities (all about learning through literature)
  • The Secret Garden Experience (bring stories to life)
  • 4 Benefits Of Writing Short Stories
  • 10 Classic Books & Movies
  • Why Clean Fiction Is Important

What is a pocket ezine?

Imagine having all of the amazing homeschool resources from the internet right in your pocket.

The Homeschool Quest pocket ezine is filled with articles, links to free and affordable printables and other helpful resources you can use on the go. 

Whether you are at the library and want to print a few things, or you need some printables to keep your kids busy, this handy dandy ezine is your new best friend. 

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