Slow and Steady Wins The Race


Homeschooling is a lot of stress for even a parent of one child doing it but add to that a neurodivergent child and the stress is compounded 10-fold. It is hard to feel enough when it seems everything you do is going over their heads, and they are not always working well with us to make sure they understand what we want from them.

As parents, we have so much on our plates and so many worries, we often over worry and wonder if we did enough that day, especially if it has been a bad or rough day. I get it and am here to tell you there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Some ideas that can make all the difference in our mindsets to help these kids excel in school and in this world, we know them best, so here are some things to remember to help us stay sane.

You Set The Pace

Firstly, remember we are not on the same timetable as public schools, so we do not have to move as fast as they do. We set the pace we can be slower and more repetitive if we need to, especially if we are going for mastery not just testing and dumping as most schools do.

A lot of these kids need the repetition to really learn what they need, and a lot of times they are learning even if they are rolling all over the floor for the 19th time during this lesson.

Never Give Up

Lastly, never give up and keep going, they will get it even if it is slowly. 

"Each child, just like flowers, will learn and bloom in their own time."

These kids need that extra time and attention to grow and learn. This is so important to teach them how to learn though showing them how to do things right and letting them take the time to imitate what you do or how others do things.

As they grow, it will amaze you just how much they are learning and retaining. Doing things slowly and steadily and letting them practice is so helpful to them and us. Yes, it takes longer, but eventually slow and steady always wins the race.

Make Room For Grace

As parents, we are always so hard on ourselves and our kids sometimes. We need to give ourselves grace and remember, just like our children, we are learning new things and how to do it. Being patient with ourselves and our kids is important, so we do not let our minds get overwhelmed with all of this and life.

We are amazing people that our children look up to and learn from. It is so important that we show them how to show grace, to be patient, how to always continue to learn, and be excited to try and learn new things.

School Is What We Make Of It

The greatest thing about home school is we make the rules and timelines. One last tip I can give about our kids is this: do not ever be afraid to get the diagnosis for your kids. Knowing what you are dealing with helps you know how to better help them and equip them for this wild world.

I know it is a long and arduous process, all too well. I have two that are neurodivergent, and they are amazing. Sadly, until we got diagnoses, we could not help them move forward and were constantly in tears and meltdowns.

Things are so much better now that we know what to look for and are getting the help that they need in so many areas. Help that we had no idea they needed before diagnosis. So please never be afraid to get your child the help you know they need, no one knows them better.

These are just a few ideas to help you with homeschooling your neurodivergent babies. Just keep in mind, being slow and steady is the best way to make sure they know what they need to.

Letting them imitate and practice is always going to help them see what you are wanting from them. Lastly, never be afraid to get them diagnosed and get the help they need. I hope these few ideas and tips help with your homeschool journey.

Article by Destiny Griffith

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