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Join the Homeschool Quest for Workshop Wednesdays! We are looking for knowledgeable speakers to share their expertise and wisdom with our homeschooling audience of 210,000+ members on Facebook with a 15 minute live or pre-recorded workshop plus a short question and answer time.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Homeschool Family Bootcamp (Wednesdays in April)
  • Outdoor Learning Bootcamp (Wednesdays in June & July)
  • Child-Led Learning Bootcamp (Wednesdays in Sept & Oct)

If you are a knowledgeable homeschooling parent or curriculum provider, we want to invite you to being one of our guest speakers! We have 8 guest speaker spots available for each month.

What are the benefits?

  • You get to share your expertise in front of an audience of 210k homeschooling parents for 2 days and then your workshop will be added to the HQ Club library forever.
  • You have an opportunity to grow your list by sharing a freebie at the end of your workshop.
  • You can grow your audience by inviting everyone to follow you on social media.

Why 15-minutes?

We did a poll in our group and we found that a majority of our audience wanted to learn more about homeschooling through short workshop style videos.

Where are the workshops hosted?

Your live or pre-recorded workshop will be available for 2 days in our Facebook group and then will be added to our HQ Club library forever, so you will continue to get more views.

Does it need to be exclusive content?

We ask that the workshop is exclusive to Homeschool Quest for 3 months. After that, we are happy for you to share this workshop with your audience or in other guest speaking opportunities.

But I've never done a LIVE video before!

We want to make being a guest speaker with our workshops more accessible, so we have will help you to build your workshop. We provide you with a worksheet with questions to answer to build your workshop outline and one of the Homeschool Quest team members will be going live with you to manage the technology side of things.

All you need is your expertise, your outline, and a webcam or phone to get started. 

Submit your ideas using the form below.

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What topics would you like to speak about? What is your expertise in these topics?
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