Weather & Seasons Resources For Year Long Learning!

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Free & Affordable Homeschool Resources

In this resource guide, we will be sharing printables and resources for all things weather and seasons. This is perfect for year-long learning. By having your kids study the current seasons and weather as they change, they will get a fun, immersive study.

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Gina Jude integrates the Next Generation Science Standards seamlessly into their curriculum. From biology to physics, their courses are meticulously designed to foster critical thinking skills and scientific literacy among students through hands-on activities, simulations, and real-world applications. Get one class free with their $30 coupon code.

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How to Teach Essay Writing Like a Pro: A FREE Guide! Working on 5-paragraph essays this year?  Not sure where to start?  Use this handy guide to get organized and on the right track!  This packet includes 5 essential tips and strategies you’ll need to bring out the best in your young writer.  Lesson plan template included, as well!

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Alphabet and Tracing Coloring Pages - These alphabet and tracing coloring pages are designed to make early learning fun and engaging. They are perfect to help homeschool parents grow and develop young minds. With each page, children can explore the shapes of letters through tracing, and then bring them to life with vibrant colors. Free download!

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Live Class Reading Diagnostic for Grades 4-8 - Are you ready to discover the strengths and opportunities in your child's reading abilities? This 35-minute Live Class Reading Diagnostic is designed to illuminate the path to academic success and confidence in reading. You'll also receive a detailed, personalized PDF report highlighting specific skills your child excels in and areas that might need a little extra attention. $30 Limited time offer then, it goes back up to $100.

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NEW In The HQ Club! Gather The Family For A Space Adventure With Over 60+ Pages Of Space Themed Printables! What else is included with the HQ Club?  Access to 24+ fifteen minute workshops & note taking pages PLUS VIP Access to upcoming bootcamps like our NEW Homeschool Bootcamp for Families of All Sizes starting in April! Get everything for just $3 a month!

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Weather & Seasons Resource Guide

Find over 700+ more resources and printables on the Pinterest board made by our awesome team!

  1. Weather Shadow Matching Cards
  2. Four Seasons Worksheets & Printables
  3. Weather Activities and Lesson Plans Unit for Preschool ($8)
  4. Preshool Weather Printable Pack
  5. Seasons Flashcards + Seasons chart
  6. Weather Playdough Mats
  7. How to Make a Cloud in a Jar – Kitchen Science
  8. Weather Worksheet & Activity Pack ($1.20)
  9. 4 Seasons & Weather Printable Cards
  10. Weather Activity Word Search ($1.95)
  11. Free Four Seasons Coloring Pages to Learn About Weather
  12. W is for Weather Preschool Pack
  13. Seasons and Weather Preschool Activities
  14. 4 Seasons Flip Book {2 FREE Levels}
  15. Weather Themed Word Tracing Printables
  16. 4 Seasons Printables & Activities
  17. Early learning Weather Chart Printable ($3.50)
  18. Printable Types of Clouds for Kids Mini Book
  19. Weather Journal Calendar
  20. Seasons Sort Printable Game

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Check out these fantastic homeschool resources!

My Speech and Debate Coach is excited to launch our very own virtual debate teams for homeschoolers! Speech and Debate is one of the most beneficial extracurricular activities, but isn’t widely available. Our goal is to give every learner the opportunity to grow their confidence and communication skills regardless of where they live. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced teams launching this Spring, taught by national champions. Limited spots available. Get a free debate lesson at

Cards and Crafts Bundle! $20 This course combines writing and crafts! Learners aged 7+ will create 4 handmade cards, learn to write 5 different types of notes and learn to fold their own paper box! Let’s write some letters: addressing an envelope, write a letter to a friend, write a letter to a relative, reach out to a company, write a letter to a teacher and write a thank-you letter. Handmade Cards: birthday cards, Thank-you card, and Get well soon card. Creating Beautiful Paper Boxes: choosing paper, cutting a square, folding the box bottom and folding the box lid.

MagiCore Academy All Access Free 10 Day Trial: MagiCore Academy provides unlimited access to over 750 digital learning lessons and activities for elementary school aged learners. Students learn and practice reading, math, social studies, and more through an easy to use online learning app.

Gameschooling on a Budget! Tips and tricks to add more gameplay to your homeschool day without breaking the bank! DIY, thrifting, card games, and more! Read today ($4.99 or read for free on Kindle Unlimited)